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Chengfu Wu

Just a cho

You might ask "what's cho?" well... it's a secret code that I had with my friends back in college and I am not going to reveal here. However, I am going to tell you a bit about what this project is (and maybe going to become) & what I do though.

Why "this is www?"

As a dev, I've never used any web framework before (I don't consider "twitter bootstrap" is a framework. Or I should say that I've never used a backend framework on any projects before). I am not a believer on frameworks even though there are voices about "speedy development" and "better structure"...etc. Well... there is always a voice in my head telling me that "there must be a compelling reason for that" but I just didn't wanna get into it for some reasons. But ... I changed my mind... I posted the journey on Medium... if you are interestd - "The Myth Of Framework vs. No-Framework On Web Development". And this is the first project of mine ever used a framework AND the choice of the framework is "Lararvel" (you can also know a bit why I chose Laravel from the post I mentioned as well).

Since it's an experiment project, I think it should carry an experiment idea... so ... "This is WWW" is just the right fit at this moment.

There are a variety of website carrying already implemented ideas. Meaning that you can look for, find, and use products and services that provided by wide range selection of startups/companies right now. However, are those products/services really what we want?

I would like to create a space that anyone can get on and tell what they have in mind. By doing so, you can express what your current frustrations are and problem solvers can look at your situation and create proper solutions for you. It's a really a "what we want" on both sides.

It's a prototype which I haven't even put a search feature on yet. However, it's a start and ... well... it's an experiment on the top of another experiment ... so ... it's going to be fun... at least for me though ^_^